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Gemini Man

Gemini Man Henry Brogan is a 51-year old former Force Recon Marine Scout Sniper who works as an assassin at the Defense Intelligence Agency. Henry Brogan is the one responsible for the death of a bio-terrorist in a train in Belgium. His spotter informs him that a little girl is near his goal. Henry was not pleased with the thought of shooting the man’s neck.

Henry meets Danny who is the manager of the boat rental business in Buttermilk Sound, Georgia. He reunites with Jack who was his former friend, and is told that Yuri, an informant, has stated that the person who was killed in the train attack was innocent. Lassiter, the agency director, is then able to murder Henry. Clay Varris is director of the criminal private army corporation known as “GEMINI” however, he is not granted permission.

Henry discovers that Danny is a partner of the government, who observes his actions. He becomes friends with Danny. Henry uses his spotter to call after his home is attacked by government agents. Jack and his lover are also murdered. Henry warns Danny, and they kill the assassins on their way to them. They realize that the government wants the two of them killed.

Henry and Danny escape Danny and Baron Henry escape with Baron Henry’s former coworker who is hiding in Baron Henry’s house , and has arranged for Yuri. Henry and Henry flee to Colombia along with Baron Henry’s former coworker, Baron Henry. Clay then invites Junior, his adopted son, to help him get the task done.

Henry believes that Danny could be his child. Danny believes so. The person who was killed was a scientist who came up with a method to create clones that are free from emotions and pain.

Henry contacts Lassiter who accepts to send Junior to take Danny back to safety. Junior gets attacked by Henry who informs him that they’re both clones, and have the same traits.

Junior escapes from GEMINI and confronts Clay who claims that the only way to win is to defeat Henry. Junior knocks Clay unconscious in a hand-tohand combat.

Henry, Danny and Junior overcome a wave of GEMINI agents. The trio is now facing another seemingly invincible GEMINI operative with body armor made specifically for them. Clay attempts to defend himself against Junior but is defeated. Clones that have Henry’s talents could save lives of soldiers and ensure that operations are extremely successful. Junior is devastated and plans to shoot Clay. Henry persuades Junior to shoot Clay and convinces him to not go.

Henry is certain there are no other clones, and that they are free. Junior gets to know Henry later on, who is taken up a college course under the assumed “Jackson Brogan”, which is named after Henry.

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